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We charge $25.00 per clubber for annual dues which cover our general overhead expenses and all the treats, parties, and prizes that make Awana a fun time.  In addition to dues, each clubber must purchase the current year's handbook for his/her club and the uniform shirt or vest for his/her club.  Uniform shirts and vests may be carried over year-to-year while the student remains in the same club.  As club handbook and shirt prices vary, the total for each clubber is typically between $51-$57 when a shirt/vest is purchased.  The Journey  club does not require a shirt purchase.


Please see part two of the registration form for final details on current pricing.

Financial Aid

Please do no let financial hardship prevent you from enrolling.  We have generous  donors who provide financial aid for those in need. We also offer payment plan arrangements that will allow you to spread your payments over 12 weeks.  That's less than $5.00 per week!

Don't delay registering out of embarrassment! Please register so that we can work with you to find the best solution, we can give you the financial aid request forms, and your child can enjoy the club  without delay.  We love to help!

Bring this form when you visit the registration table:  Request for Financial Aid

Last update 10/26/18
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