GBC Return to Service Guidelines

Updated: Feb 1

This was for the summer of 2020. As of February 2021 some of these no loner apply, for example, children's church is running again!

1. If you or someone in your home is exhibiting symptoms of any type of sickness please plan to stay home and view our service from the livestream. State guidelines require you to self-screen for signs and symptoms of COVID-19 before arriving at church. You should not attend if you or a member of your family has a temperature of 100.4 F or higher.

2. If you consider yourself in the vulnerable or higher risk category or feel unsafe or unsure about meeting together with others, then by all means, please use your freedom in Christ to stay at home and participate via the livestream. We do not want to pressure anyone to return to GBC before they feel safe and confident to do so.

3. The church will be sanitized and cleaned during the week and before and after all services using CDC guidelines. Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the church building, and we will open doors, etc. to minimize contact with surfaces as much as possible.

4. We have changed our service time to be at 10:30 A.M.

5. State guidelines limit each church service to a capacity of 50 individuals, excluding GBC staff. We would appreciate, but do not require, an e-mail or phone call to let us know which service you plan to attend. This communication will help us plan seating for the service. Our desire is to not turn anyone away due to these capacity limits.

6. We will strive for recommended social distancing practices while gathering inside the church facility. Families can sit together in “pods” of 6-10 seats. We encourage only those living in the same household to sit together.

It is natural that we will want to see and catch up with one another. We will attempt to do that outdoors in the fresh air, weather permitting, and limit our conversation in the more enclosed space of the foyer area.

7. Everyone in attendance is required to wear a mask before, during, and after the service. The only exception will be the pastor while preaching the sermon and for the band members while singing and playing worship songs.

If, for whatever reason, you feel like you are unable to wear a mask throughout the duration of the service, please remain home and participate via our live stream

8. No bulletins will be printed. We will continue to communicate important information to you via the sermon, through e-mail, mail, phone calls, Facebook and the church website.

9. There will be no Sunday School. Nursery or Children’s Church will not be available during the Worship Service. Children of all ages will stay with their own family. We will have quiet activity resources available for them to use to complement what you might bring with you for your own children to stay engaged and occupied.

10. We will not be passing offering plates. Offering plates/boxes will be available by the sanctuary entrances and you may also safely give through our Website, or by mailing your gift to the church office. Thank you for your faithful stewardship and partnership in the ministry at GBC!

11. There will be no coffee or refreshments before or after the service. The downstairs and most of the old building (gym, kitchen, children classrooms, library, etc.) will remain closed off, except to use the bathrooms. The nursery will be available for nursing mothers but will not be staffed.

12. We will have our main front door entrance available for entering and exiting the building directly.

13. If at any time anyone is diagnosed with COVID-19, please contact church staff or a board

member as soon as possible. If church staff or leadership is informed of a confirmed diagnosis in our church community, we will make every effort to respond appropriately for the protection of the congregation while maintaining anonymity for the individual(s) diagnosed if requested.

14. We want to exhibit a spirit of unity and graciousness for all viewpoints during this time. We encourage anyone who is not comfortable with these guidelines in place to not attend until you feel led to do so. We also encourage everyone to pray for and seek ways to engage and connect with your church family, both in person and by other means to share the love of Christ.

Also remember to pray for government leaders and all those in authority in these uncertain times. Please feel free to contact any staff member or board member with any concerns you may have before we meet together.

**If you have questions or need clarification about any of these points please contact a member of the GBC Board or one of the pastors.

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