Missions Conference 2019

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

We are so excited for our annual missions conference. It is coming up soon! October 20-23 . Here is an introduction to all of the missionaries coming this year.

Ben and Joyce Anderson

Ben & Joyce Anderson. Things to Come Mission. Singapore.

Ben & Joyce pioneered the Things to Come Mission work in Kenya, seeing it grow to 40 churches, a Bible school, spiritual Kenyan leaders and a national church planting movement called Project 2010. After 18 years in the field in Kenya, Ben took the directorship of TCM in 2005. Then in 2015, as part of a leadership restructuring,

Ben became the International Director. Singapore serves as their hub.

““I have made you a light for the Gentiles, that you may bring salvation to the ends of the earth” -Acts 13:47.

As members of the body of Christ we continue in this great task of Apostle Paul—that all people may see the light of salvation. It is an entirely different matter to shine the light of Christ among all the peoples of our world. That takes a long-term commitment involving complete faith in God, knowledge of His Word, cross-cultural skills and a sacrificial love for the people. I praise the Lord for our faithful missionaries who have taken on this challenge.

Chuck and Joy Befus

Chuck & Joy Befus. Grace Ministries International. Costa Rica.

Chuck & Joy have been full-time missionaries in Costa Rica under GMI since 1987. They have planted two churches, helped found a Christian grammar school and high school now led by Costa Ricans, and a Bible Institute. Together, they help lead the local church, teach and counsel others, lead mission trips, and conduct visitations.

They have led several mission trips to the bordering countries and together with the local Grace churches, have sent two families to be missionaries to Nicaragua and Panama, where those families are beginning new Grace ministries.

Joy helps lead a weekly women’s Bible study, mentors several ladies from the church, teaches junior high youth group, and enjoys substitute teaching at the school where their nine children attended. Chuck is the lead pastor at a Grace church where he trains other men to become pastors and lead churches. Chuck & Joy’s next step is to plan another Grace church in another part of Costa Rica where the message of God’s Grace has not yet been heard.

Alex & Deltha Gulart, Ainhoa, Bastian, & Etienne.

Alex & Deltha Gulart, Ainhoa, Bastian, & Etienne. Grace Ministries International. Paraguay.

Alex was born in Montevideo, Uruguay. At 16, he attended the church that GMI missionaries Arnie & Sally Selfors planted. At 19, he surrendered his life to Christ, and God gave him a passion for evangelism and missions. He joined Operation Mobilization in full-time service, and two years later switched to the Logos 2 ship.

Deltha was born in Tabasco, Mexico. She came to know Christ at 14. When she was 22, the book

“Through the Gates of Splendor” opened her heart to missions and the need for missionaries. She also joined the Logos 2, and there she met Alex. On Logos 2, God used them both to share the gospel in different countries and situations. They got engaged onboard and married after they finished their commitments. God blessed them with three beautiful children.

They are currently living in Ciudad del Este, Paraguay, where they are involved in church planting, teaching, and discipleship. They live in the Arab neighborhood downtown, and they very much enjoy living and serving in such an international environment. Alex is one of the pastors of Iglesia Biblica Gracia.

Eric & Mercy Mango, Shalom, Grace & Eric Jr.

Eric & Mercy Mango, Shalom, Grace & Eric Jr. Grace Ministries International. Malawi.

Eric was born in Congo. He was in college in 1996 when war began. His story of survival is harrowing, but it led him to a commitment to the Lord to live the rest of his life for Him. Ask him to share his story with you! Eric was teaching French in a school where he met GMI missionary Kennedy Simtowe, who told Eric about a Bible school in Zambia. Eric attended, but after two years of studying at Grace Bible Institute Zambia and working with Kennedy in Malawi, his visa to Zambia was denied. Eric returned to Zambia in 2008 and married Mercy. They both attended a theological seminary with Eric graduating with a Bachelor’s degree with a triple major—pastoral, education, and missions; and Mercy graduating with a Bachelor in Education. In 2017, Eric completed a Master’s degree in counseling. They have three children: Shalom, Grace, and Eric Jr.

After serving in Lilongwe for four years, the Mango family moved to southern Malawi to reach the Yao tribe with the gospel. The Yao tribe is 99% Muslim, making it one of the least-reached people groups in the world. To engage them, Eric uses sports, music, counseling, and farming as outreach tools. Mercy serves teen girls, the majority of which are victims of harsh traditional initiation ceremonies and drug and sexual abuse, with teachings on personal hygiene, home-based skills, sports, Bible study, community work, outreach, awareness and prevention of teen trafficking.

Joel & Leah Sanders, Enoch, Naomi, and Silas.

Joel & Leah Sanders, Enoch, Naomi, and Silas. Things to Come Mission. Candidates to Malaysia.

John was born in Atlanta, GA where he was blessed to be raised in a Christian family. He was saved at an early age and knew that one day God would lead him into ministry. Having been on a few mission trips, he decided that foreign missions was the path toward which God was leading him. Joel has a strong love for music and singing in addition to teaching and preaching. It is his desire to be able to reach individuals with the wonderful message of love and grace shown by our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Leah was also born and raised in a Christian home and has always had a heart for serving. She worked at various camps and ministries and at age 17 felt God call her to go to China for a short-term ministry with her sister. After three months in China she fell in love with sharing the gospel with others who have never heard the Grace of God before.

Soon after Joel and Leah met and married, they decided they would go to the mission field together sometime in the future. In the meantime they left Georgia and moved to Florida where they worked for two years at a Boys Ranch for troubled boys.

In May 2017 the Sanders moved to Indianapolis so Joel could gain pastoral experience at Grace Church in Indianapolis while finishing a Certificate in Dispensational Studies from Berean Bible Institute. Every other weekend the Sanders preach and minister at Grace Gospel Church in Linton, IN. They have three children and look forward to serving alongside the Kilgos in furthering the gospel of Jesus Christ overseas.

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