Updated Letter Concerning COVID-19

Dear Grace Bible Church Family,

Things have been changing rapidly in our community, nation, world with the Covid-19 virus. We have been continuing to adapt how we operate as a church to minister to the needs of our congregation. After lots of prayer and consideration by the Pastoral staff and board of elders have written the following document that is in the body of this message and also attached. Also, a letter is being sent out to the entire congregation with this same message as well as a note from our church treasurer Wayne Dicken.

With Love and Prayers,

Pastor Ken for the Staff and Elders

How can we BE the Church during this time of crisis?

We have been created for community by God. We NEED connections. But we are facing a time of isolation. What will we as a church do?

The Church is HERE!

• Church services are canceled until further notice.

• The church doors will be open from 8:00A.M.-12:00P.M. for individuals to stop by and visit with the available pastoral staff. Share prayer requests, concerns and needs as we all face this crisis. Coffee will be provided. We will practice all the safety requirements (Cleaning door handles, surfaces and common areas) following the proper spacing between individuals. At this time all the guidelines given by our medical and governing officials would allow for this type of interaction.

The Church HELPS!

• There are many people who NEED help. Those who are elderly, vulnerable, or who are already sick. We can provide for them by helping with a simple household task or by going shopping for them.

• There are also many who are available TO help. They can be shoppers for those who cannot get out, or come to the aid of church family members who have a household need.

• We want to be a central point of communication for these exchanges. Those who NEED help or CAN help please call the church office. Or you can post on our Facebook group (See information below).

The Church is YOU!

• Isolation is not going to be easy. Yet, for safety and the health of our families, community and church we MUST limit our contact with others. However, we all have phones. Computer screens and messaging is a great tool but there is nothing like a call from a church member who cares about you. Scroll through the church directory and make phone calls to random members of the church body.

• The pastors and church elders will be calling the congregation during this time of isolation. It is a great way to be social, but not put anyone in danger.

The Church is ONLINE!

• We did live stream the church service on Sunday for the first time in the church’s history. It is a work in progress. We are working out the bugs so that we can make this a more enjoyable experience for those of you participating at home.

• The YouTube channel for live stream is something we may continue even after the current crisis is over. It is a good way to get the message of God’s grace and truth out to a greater community both locally and worldwide. Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrrrlnBcXeRmpMUTD-nSWOQ

• This will include teaching the word both in sermon form and round table discussion. We are praying about how we can make this experience a blessing for our church family in seclusion.

• We started a Facebook Group for our church attenders only. This will enable us to share some of these needs and stay in touch on Facebook. On Facebook, you can search Grace Bible Church Port Orchard Family and request to join the group.

The Church PRAYS!

• The church is open in the mornings for you to come by and spend some quite time in prayer.

• We will be sending you a prayer calendar for you to focus on the different needs of the church.

• Prayer requests can also be shared on our Facebook group.

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